What do the Dashboard Warning Lights Mean on a Toyota?

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Toyota cars, trucks, and SUVs rely on advanced technology. Many of these systems alert you when a problem occurs. You’ll receive warnings in various ways depending on the year, make, and model of your Toyota. The most common alerts are dashboard warning lights, but do you know what they mean?

These warning lights illuminate icons in different colors or flash to get your attention. You might also see them appear on your driver information screen. Interpreting what your Toyota tells you will avoid unnecessary breakdowns and repairs and enhance safety.

To help you understand, our expert service center technicians at Auburn Toyota in California reviewed the standard warning lights and put together this guide explaining what they mean and what to do when they activate.

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What Do Toyota Dashboard Warning Lights Mean?

The warning lights lit up in a Toyota in Auburn, CA


Toyota warning lights resemble a traffic light system comprising green, yellow, and red. Green means you can go, yellow signals you to slow down and proceed cautiously, and red indicates you stop.

When you see a green icon, such as the cruise control indicator, it means the system is currently in use and working correctly. Yellow lights indicate potential issues affecting your ability to drive your car safely and efficiently. A red light warns you that a system has failed, potentially compromising the vehicle’s safety. We recommend that a professional mechanic inspect your Toyota whenever you see a red or yellow light. Ignoring these warnings can create unsafe driving circumstances or cause significant damage.

Toyota dashboard warning lights are color coded according to the level of importance. Red warning lights have the most significant impact and require immediate action. It’s crucial to recognize the symbols and what the different colors mean.

Charging System Warning Light

This red icon resembles a car battery with a plus and minus sign. When you see this warning light, it means your charging system has malfunctioned. You should immediately bring your vehicle to our service center to determine the cause. It could be a simple problem, such as your battery no longer holding its charge, or something complex, for example, a failed alternator.

Without proper recharging, your Toyota battery will fail, leaving you stranded. If you need to replace the battery, our Auburn Toyota parts department has an expansive inventory of batteries for all Toyota models. We can replace it in minutes and get you back to your busy life.

Low Engine Oil Pressure Warning Light

Your Toyota will illuminate a red icon resembling an old-fashioned oil can when it detects the engine oil pressure is too low and unsafe. Several factors can cause this warning light to activate. For example, there may be a leak depleting the engine’s oil supply or an oil pump issue.

You should check your oil level immediately and top it off if necessary. This might cause the light to deactivate. If not, bring your vehicle to us at Auburn Toyota for an inspection.

Master Warning Light

The master warning light is a triangle with an exclamation point inside and works as a catch-all. While it lights in red, it doesn’t always indicate a severe problem. You might see another warning light activate or text on your driver information screen giving you other clues. It could mean it’s time to service your car, your door is ajar, or someone didn’t fasten their seat belt.

If you only see the master warning light, bring your vehicle to our Auburn service center immediately. In most instances, our service center technicians can quickly identify the problem and present you with a solution.

Low Fuel Level Warning Light

This icon looks like a gas pump and lights up red. Your only challenge is to find a gas station before you run out of gas. Most newer Toyota models will tell you how many miles of fuel you have left when this light activates. Your owners manual will advise if your vehicle doesn’t have this feature.

Antilock Braking System Warning Light

Your anti-lock braking system (ABS) has many complicated moving parts and works with other systems, such as vehicle stability control, to help you brake and steer. The ABS letters will illuminate in yellow when the system detects a malfunction.

The brake system may still work but without the antilock capability. An illuminated ABS symbol can also indicate a problem with your brake master cylinder or that the entire system may be in jeopardy of failure. We recommend an immediate and complete brake inspection to determine the cause.

Electric Power Steering Warning Light

This icon looks like a steering wheel with an exclamation point next to it and illuminates yellow. When this warning light activates, you have a problem with your power steering system. You may still be able to drive, but steering is much more difficult without the power function. We recommend you have a qualified technician inspect it as soon as possible.

Maintenance Required Warning Light

This yellow icon reads MAINT REQD and doesn’t indicate a system failure. It’s a reminder that you’ve reached a factory-scheduled service based on mileage. Your vehicle might need a simple oil change, or it may be due for a transmission service. Some Toyota models display a message on the driver information screen providing the reason.

Slip Indicator Warning Light

The slip indicator warning symbol illuminates in yellow and looks like a car with two squiggly lines beneath it. This light activates when the vehicle’s stability control system detects wheel slippage, experiences problems, or malfunctions. It may not be an issue requiring attention and usually indicates the system is operating to regain traction. However, you should be careful driving, as the conditions may affect grip and control.

Is Your Toyota Dashboard Warning Light On?

Dashboard warning lights indicate there’s something wrong with your vehicle or a potential problem. Fortunately, these lights alert you to issues so you can fix them before they cause significant damage. Having our certified technicians at Auburn Toyota run a diagnostic check whenever a warning light activates is highly advisable.

At Auburn Toyota, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional customer service. We have the cutting-edge tools and equipment to diagnose and fix any issues you might have with your Toyota. You can conveniently schedule services online or stop by our service center anytime. And while you’re here, browse our extensive inventory of used cars, used trucks, and used SUVs.


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